Monday, August 10, 2009

RT P-38 #1

RT test riding P-38 #1

Friday, August 7, 2009

P-38 demo in the North County woods...

Just a quick note, with no eye candy...
I just dropped off an arctail, 5'8, P-38 at Mitch's in Solana Beach as a general rider/demo. I dropped off a number of sellers, also, including a 7'0 Finequero, a couple of GeeBees, a Dirty Sanchez P-38,
as well as a board I'm riding myself: a hulled quadfish- quad hull? No, I think a hulled QF is a better description, even if it's a roundtail, and not a fishtail. Sorry, my personal 5'11 already got borrowed, so, again, no eye candy. Check out Shelter's site- I customed one for Josh with those guys' input, and I think it's posted.
I've gotten so much: "Where can I try one?", about the P-38; here's a southern answer. A northern answer would be to contact Mike Adams at Val Surf in humble, inland NoHo, Ca.; he has a 5'7 that we
agreed could possibly go elsewhere, although you have to negotiate with him, not me. H3K.