Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Christina's new 6'6

I'm stoked with this guy. It's a modded MP template, full front-end hull,
same tail rail play as the MP. I added a tad more tail rocker than normal-
after all, thrusters do really thrust, so I'm letting the fins give the drive.
Same hull-friendly entry rocker. Clocks in at 16 1/4 x 21 x 15.

Tin and an MP at Montauk

I love this shot. Smaller guy, longer board (6'6),
perfect weight on the Humm zone, perfect visual
of displacement water flow.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Checkin the bottom

Warmjet cameby to borrow a board, while we were checkin the new Liddles bottoms Ginger was checkin Piglets, 2 good old girls.

2 new Liddles

A 7'0''GL and a 6'6'' Peach.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Carlos, Velo Style

Carlos ,Velo style from the sameday.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A lotta different ways to ride a wave

Waterman's Guild drop-off and pickup days are always hectic, but also
satisfying. Always a lot of eye-candy, a lot of touchy-feely, and the conscience-clean freedom to
go surf the building south swell. Work's done! At least, for a couple of days. BJ

6'9 V2

This is my new personal basier-wave equalizer. Biggest thing in my quiver below bona-fide longboard status.The color job has a history all it's own- get me drunk enough and it's a good story. Andreini claims the Vs are "no-noses"; he's sorta right,
I guess; This guy sits on a 15 7/8" tail, with an inch narrower nose and a 21 1/2" base width. I like
the widowmaker setup on these guys- it helps to drive the thicker/wider tail. Duck-divable with real hull swoop on the right-place turn. BJ

Sunday, April 19, 2009


A bit more rocker for the extra length, think 7'0'' hull crossbread with a Yater spoon



8'5''Liddle design

8'5'' liddle design , one of my keepers , works like a good hull, but kinda like a longboard,
 but you can still put it on the rail

Some new ones

Heres some from Brians yesterday, P-38;s and a few Gee Bees

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hey Im a Blogger .

Yes, I am a blogger. I have entered the world of high tech hulling blog hell. I am sure you are all really happy to have me here. I love you all!!!

Revenooers issue an APB for the Walking Eyebrow

Johnny Goss has gone into the home brew business. Shown here
is the proud father with two of his children at the Beanhead house.
They went down right smooth, and some more bottles helped to
assuage our grief over the terrible surf at the Rincon do a couple of
weekends back. After a couple of Johnyy's smooth draughts at
9:30 in the morning, even the Tecates tasted good.

You've heard the word; now here's the deal:

PHd- Putnam/Hilbers Designs, that is,
is up and going at last, and we're ready to spring
some evil hulls onto an unsuspecting world.
The Story: over the years and years of riding hulls, Kirk, myself,
and our hull-riding hardcore cronies,
have ended up having "keepers" in our quivers- boards
that just seemed to do things different, or better, or were just plain fun
in a lot of conditions. Most by now aren't even in ridable condition-
they're more like heirlooms. So KP and I decided to crack a few
out and replicate them before they turned into dust.
Basically, I start by cloning an old board, then KP and I go over it,
amend what we feel to be flaws, glass the sucker, test ride it
to see if it really works the way it's supposed to, then make it
available on a limited basis.
Over the next few weeks either Kirk or myself will be posting models,
with the usual ramble as to pedigree and ride.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Okay, the P-38s are ready to rock

Well, I'm ready to unleash this critter. Since the Shelter dudes threw in their two cents worth, I've tweaked the template a tad. I'll be making both arctails and swallowtails- as you might predict, the arcs are better at driving a hard line, but the swallows definitely respond better to any tail move.
The overall concept has a pile of potential; I'll be very willing to narrow out the whole program, but it charges as is, with a lotta glide without a lotta length. This is a 5'9; I have four 5'6s on order, and the little details that make a board really work well are falling into place. It's going to be a real gas to
play with the concept:
namely, a real hull-turn
front combined with
the firmness of a twin/fish for tail-weighted moves.
So far, it's doing both well; the front end seems to be pretty dialed. With a lot of options on the rear end
depending on rider preference,and open to be explored, some more fun stuff should show up. But it seems plenty fun as is, right now. Hilbean3K

Saturday, April 11, 2009

the P-38 passes flight test