Sunday, July 25, 2010

The SYT-P (P for Pig)

This board is based off the mid-eight foot balsa Quiggs. The template is right-on, ditto the bottom contour and thickness distribution. I've made the rocker somewhat friendlier. It carries what I call "golf ball" rails; I reduce the volume going into the rail, then round it out. This way you lose the cork, but get a very forgiving and neutral rail. This one is at the Mollusk in Venice- there's another at Val Surf in NoHo.
This one is 8'6 x 3", 16 x 21 5/8 x 16.
I've set the box well back, at 3 1/2" off the tail block. This accommodates either a correctly placed "D" fin, or an upright rectangle, such as the 10" Lightweight shown below, for a snappier ride. The bottom of the board has good roll throughout, with a flattened speed zone in the nose.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Went into the room with Brian and Florian yesterday and we have been thinkin about makin a 9'0'' Hot Generation.

It's 9'0'' but not really a longboard, it should really lay over on the rail like a Hull/ V- bottom, Jesus my hair is almost as white as the foam!

Brian had a plan and it just went together great .

2 hrs later , after it was done Flo and I were just tryin to figure out how we were gonna sneak a new board by the wives. Im gonna have to have this one.

When we first got in the room I ask Brian a ? he just said KP shut up and watch I got this one, cool when a plan comes together.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

D- FIN and SOS

I went by Brian's to check out this D fin made after Yaters Gray Lady, came out nice, going to Mollusk S.F.

Nice old school volan glass job.

I have ridin Yaters Gray Lady ( I got in a shit load of trouble from Renny for it, but it was worth it! ) and it was the best D fin I've ever got my feet on.

This one is Kyle Albers SOS , I loaned Kyle my original and after that he had to have one.

After seeing this one I ordered a copy , my OG is pretty old, 14 yrs now.