Thursday, July 28, 2011


I really like Tim: he knows what he wants, has an idea of what it should look like, but is wise enough to throw a clue as to the board's ultimate purpose.
This could be anywhere in Cali, during any era. It's what I heard Tim saying he wanted.
So I shaped him this:

Just an ANT. Never "just" for anyone who Knows What They Want- but an Ant, nonetheless. But after a few rides, more info bubbles up from Tim, about something we no longer have, both in surf, and in rider- Russell Hughes, dead last May. I begin to understand: He saw this,

And he was thinking this: Russ on the left.

I'm just happy he could ride like this. Sounds like he is, too.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where Next?

Where next? After Vancouver,maybe right here. The strongest-yet southern hemi popped in right about the same time I got back in town ( I wish it showed up a week early!). While I've had no time to partake (paying off for Travel Fun), I'm sure some local feedback will arrive. I'm planning on sloppy seconds at the end of the week (before Carmageddon).
Whatever, it's L.A.