Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grey Cutter? Fog Lady?

Sometime, in the age of Roswell UFOs (around 1960), some alien dropped down to Cali on the down-low (instead of New Mexico), and started to surf Rincon. Sometime, in the last couple of years, I snuck into Area 51 and grabbed the vibe of this totally alien pig water-craft. Also on the down-low. It is totally un-authorized, so no-way am I calling it by it's Alien name; I was seeing nothing like it out there, in the 21st century pig-now, and when things I found on the Alien craft solidified the not-quite-solid things that I was trying to put into the Fog Cutter, I started taking notes on the Alien Spacecraft- so I could fill in the blanks- some parts I got right, by myself, some parts went where I didn't dare tread by myself. So far, normal Human folks have liked the results...
... But I'm totally willing to make the original, lower gravity planet-version for any brave gravity-traveler.

I don't know what's more Alien- Johnny (on right), who can throw more hair-dos in one month than I can in a year (total hair-envy on my part), or the modified Grey-thing on the left- at 22'' wide, it is already wider by almost a half-inch from the Original, but the template, rocker, and, most important, the bottom and rail thickness is true to what I saw at Roswell. This board (already sold): 9'5 X 22" wide, 3"-and-a bit thick (like most of this board's contemporaries). But you don't have to deal with an Alien if you live on the Right Coast- Mollusk Brooklyn has a 9'5 coming, without a Hairy Ogre in the Box.... You guys are Stoked, the Chicks are bummed...

I get serious road-rage when I see solid glass D-fins. I've foiled many a fin, and, when it comes to D-fins, the weight difference is ENORMOUS! So, I had to bite the bullet and make my own wood-core fins, just to lose two pounds off the tail. At least they look kinda cool, as well.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Perfect Fineline Style

I have absolutely no clue who She is, nor do I particularly care. I just know that this is an
aesthetically perfect union of board and human. It didn't hurt that I pulled up this picture
while a certain song was playing on my WinAmp- the almost impossible-to-find Black Album live version of "Smash It Up" by the Damned. One of those right-place/right-time kind of situations.
So I give you both, but not quite:
This is the link to the '82 gig of the Damned at the Whiskey A Go-Go- they screw up righteously through the whole song, but at least Captain Sensible is naked. He wasn't when the Damned played at Godzilla's in the Valley in 1981.

Friday, May 27, 2011

A Little Piece Of What We'd All Love To See Again

I finally reconnected with my friends in Portland. This was kind of important to me, as I needed a half-way crash-pad on my coming board-delivery road trip to Tofino, B.C. Now it's not only Kellen, but Schueyler and Aaron as well. Aaron sent me this "ideal Surf Shop" photo from his new digs up in fog-land. The longboards are probably Gene's , but something of mine might be up there. Plus a shortboard or two from the revitalized (right on!) shaping of Bob Hurley.
All I can say, is whoever's boards are in this shop, they deserve to be there.
This quiver is going to be added to: Aaron needs some more foam for the jumble-beef of northern waters, so it means that not all the boards I'm hauling up are going to B.C.- some are short-shipping to Portland.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

7'8'' Viento

Artist Pat HIll ordered this 7'8'' Veinto PHD


Bottom, nice rolled V in front of the fin box.

After putting this one under my arm I did not want to let it go.

S- Deck med thin rail, Brian did a nice job on this one, also there is a sweet 9'6'' PHD Son of Sam spoon down at Mollusk Venice that I did not want to let go either.