Monday, December 6, 2010

9'8'' Putnam/ Hilbers SOS

First off SORRY, been lagging on posting as of late , this is Kyles Albers 9'8'' or 9'7'' I forget, SOS spoon .

Ross Bushnell sliding a few on Kyles spoon photo's by Larry?

These boards really trim and can be surfed a lot like a longer hull.

Nice fit.

Rossy Flossy lookin for 4th gear. Ripped these from ahullnewworld or pizza time blog.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Myself on the 9'0'' HG , Brian and I keep getting calls from the guy's who have got these, and they really like these boards , me too!

Good paddler , just glides in , really has a nice hull feel to it, also everybody says it cuts back so easy , it's that big hip in the back.

You can step up on the front third and pump it thru turns.

The 9'o'' just finished , Brian , Flo and I went into the shaping room with Brian we had a 5 min discussion and Brian just says, out of the way boys I got this one. Right when this picture was taken I knew I would have to have it.

Brian just about done, so far I have had it in beachbreak , reef, and pointbreaks, all fun so far. Next we are gonna see how short it can go, Brians already done 7'4'' and maybe some longer than 9'0''.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Maple Bar is Back!

The Creepy. The modified maple bar- still one of the finest small wave noseriders around. You can still get chuckles up Santa Barbara way if you mention Seth Rinaldi on Creepy #1 in 4'-5' low tide Rincon and getting his socks knocked off four out of five waves- but that fifth wave! Of course, the legend was made in waves 1/2 to a third that size.
This is Bjorn's new anti-SUP device, 9'8,
20", yes, 20" x 23 1/4 x 16 1/2, 3 1/8.
Nose rocker? I don't need no stinking nose rocker!
The original Linda Blair Exorcist bile green. SUPs:
Your mother does what?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The SYT-P (P for Pig)

This board is based off the mid-eight foot balsa Quiggs. The template is right-on, ditto the bottom contour and thickness distribution. I've made the rocker somewhat friendlier. It carries what I call "golf ball" rails; I reduce the volume going into the rail, then round it out. This way you lose the cork, but get a very forgiving and neutral rail. This one is at the Mollusk in Venice- there's another at Val Surf in NoHo.
This one is 8'6 x 3", 16 x 21 5/8 x 16.
I've set the box well back, at 3 1/2" off the tail block. This accommodates either a correctly placed "D" fin, or an upright rectangle, such as the 10" Lightweight shown below, for a snappier ride. The bottom of the board has good roll throughout, with a flattened speed zone in the nose.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Went into the room with Brian and Florian yesterday and we have been thinkin about makin a 9'0'' Hot Generation.

It's 9'0'' but not really a longboard, it should really lay over on the rail like a Hull/ V- bottom, Jesus my hair is almost as white as the foam!

Brian had a plan and it just went together great .

2 hrs later , after it was done Flo and I were just tryin to figure out how we were gonna sneak a new board by the wives. Im gonna have to have this one.

When we first got in the room I ask Brian a ? he just said KP shut up and watch I got this one, cool when a plan comes together.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

D- FIN and SOS

I went by Brian's to check out this D fin made after Yaters Gray Lady, came out nice, going to Mollusk S.F.

Nice old school volan glass job.

I have ridin Yaters Gray Lady ( I got in a shit load of trouble from Renny for it, but it was worth it! ) and it was the best D fin I've ever got my feet on.

This one is Kyle Albers SOS , I loaned Kyle my original and after that he had to have one.

After seeing this one I ordered a copy , my OG is pretty old, 14 yrs now.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


9'2'' SOS

Was down at Mollusk Venice yesterday and sold this to a nice guy.

It had one little 1/4 shatter on the nose so I said would fix it .

So took a few pics, fixed ,waxed, and ready to trim your life away.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


3 of my favorite boards, 9'4'' SOS , 8'4'' PR 68 and 7'6'' VEINTO.

These have been refined over many years by myself and Matt Miller, with influence by Nat Young , Wayne Lynch, Ted Spencer, Greg Liddle, Greenough, Paul Gross and Brian Hilbers.

The 7'6'' and 8'4'' and made for all types of surf, good in beachbreaks , reef and points, they both have a rolled V under your back foot with the last bit behind the box going back to flat for punch. I love them in junk surf. The SOS 9'4'' is a long quest for the ultimate Yater Spoon type longboard hull, step back on the hip, up to the trim spot and hold on. These all have a certain size range that Brian and I have figured out for customs. ?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sacred Craft in Ventura

Scott Bass put on another fine show in Ventura. It was great to see all those spoons, since it was Rennie's weekend.
As they used to say in Mad Magazine, the usual gang of idiots manning the booth. I don't know where Scott Anderson was when I had the camera out. The big vibe was still about the Hot Generation- that board is going places. I'm working now
on a Little Hot- the same treatment, but around 7'0.
The Boss.

Stringerless MP (almost)

Surfblanks America cooked me up this blank, and, since I personally know the MP really well, I used it for one, shaped as close as makes a difference to my old trusty 6'3 MP.
The idea is to have a really rigid, positive fin response, while the board can flex and rebound during true hull turns- pretty much emphasizing what I want an MP to do, anyway. Glassed with one layer, top and bottom, of 6 oz. Volan flatweave. An excellent job, by the way, by Gino at Aqua Tech- not a trace of twist.

Here's a close-up of where the stringers end. They taper, by the way. That's a Paul Gross 9.0 that's in the box. While I normally like a bit more base, with consequently more drive, I've heard on the Old Boy network that this fin really works well in MPs, so I'm gonna give it a try. Eat your heart out, Sam George!

The Tombstone

The newest addition to the twin fin lineup. While it looks superficially similar to the P-38 and Richard Kenvin's Caspers, it has a lot off different stuff going on, mainly in the rocker. Think skateboard for the water- really pumpable, with a lot of front-to-back weight shift potential. The front end still has a genuine, deep-entry hull, but it's mainly there for wave entry and trim line, rather than to turn off of. Fuller rail volume for a poppy, lively feel.
Notice the fins are a lot farther forward- also a new template, with a one-side foil. Both more hold, and more slide potential, depending on how you weight on 'em. More user control, either way.
This one pictured is 5'0 X 22 3/4". They don't have to be this small, but you get the idea.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


8'4'' custom Hot Generation for Flo

Good feedback on everyone who's got one so far.

Surfblanks America blank , Volan glass.

9'2'' Spoon, this a combo of Son of Sam template and Jaws type foil very thin foil . I loaned the original to Kopps for a recent trip and the Guys all went nuts on it.

Dubed it the Anaflexia Spoon. Everyone come by the Sacred Craft show and say Howdie, the Yater tribute will be very cool.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

8'2'' PHD 68/PR

Oldfart railgrab by KP, this is on my own 8'4'' PR brian made me , this has really been fun as of late,my goto board. I was tryin to stay close to the Green for St. Patricks day.

The PR stands for Puerto Rico 1968 World Contest, Wayne Lynch, Nat Young and Ted Spencer had been in Europe filming Evolution and shaped these type of boards for the contest

This one is a 8'2'' just like mine

Easy to ride on your backside with that hip and not to wide on the nose, good in beach breaks also, has a rolled V under your back foot . Good in junk surf also.

The 8'2'' and my 8'4'' more info