Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Myself on the 9'0'' HG , Brian and I keep getting calls from the guy's who have got these, and they really like these boards , me too!

Good paddler , just glides in , really has a nice hull feel to it, also everybody says it cuts back so easy , it's that big hip in the back.

You can step up on the front third and pump it thru turns.

The 9'o'' just finished , Brian , Flo and I went into the shaping room with Brian we had a 5 min discussion and Brian just says, out of the way boys I got this one. Right when this picture was taken I knew I would have to have it.

Brian just about done, so far I have had it in beachbreak , reef, and pointbreaks, all fun so far. Next we are gonna see how short it can go, Brians already done 7'4'' and maybe some longer than 9'0''.