Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mondo Cane

The P-38
Baron Samedi knows, all things dead grow.
     Here's a new morph (not so new- it's been ridden, and ridden well) of the P-38.
Working off the Old Guy, as well as the Tombstone and the Archer,
this guy has a lot more of the now-classic mini-Simmons feel off of the tail, with the same full-rail feel on front-foot turns as the original P-38.
True to my "front foot, hull, back foot, fins" turn philosophy, this morph has a fuller, tucked under edge in the back rail, while maintaining a follow-through forward, in both rail and bottom,
into a true hull front end. A big change is the nose template; I switched to the Lurker nose; this provides a more concentrated corner for front-rail turns, as well as losing 1" of front nose for a better turn hinge and better duck-diving.
The template: a double ender: this one is 5'8, Mondo Cane is 5'6. Both are 18 1/2 x 22 x 18 1/2", 3" thick. A Classic 1982 Pool Skateboard template.
The bottom is the sure-fire, front hull to panel vee in between the fins, to a flat exit ( in this case, as usual, immediately behind the fins, to firm the tail and add rooster-tail spray value). The fins differ from your typical Mini-Simmons; in my opinion, the fins are the engines with twin fins, so this is a fin with a lot of drive with a pivot potential. With drive in mind, they are not two sided foils. Actually, Marlin Bacon at 101 Fins talked me into a wonderful fin- a 60% outside/ 40% inside front foil, flowing to a 90% outside/10% inside... Front for steer, rear for drive, not to mention the flex properties of  bamboo fins, when properly foiled.  The template is also a slap in Mini-Simmons' faces- it's a tweak off the classic Steve Brom fish fin; narrower at base, higher in aspect, it pivot-turns with drive when you expect to endure a
momentum-robbing slide.
     These two guys are for sale in Val Surf in NoHo.