Wednesday, May 26, 2010


9'2'' SOS

Was down at Mollusk Venice yesterday and sold this to a nice guy.

It had one little 1/4 shatter on the nose so I said would fix it .

So took a few pics, fixed ,waxed, and ready to trim your life away.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


3 of my favorite boards, 9'4'' SOS , 8'4'' PR 68 and 7'6'' VEINTO.

These have been refined over many years by myself and Matt Miller, with influence by Nat Young , Wayne Lynch, Ted Spencer, Greg Liddle, Greenough, Paul Gross and Brian Hilbers.

The 7'6'' and 8'4'' and made for all types of surf, good in beachbreaks , reef and points, they both have a rolled V under your back foot with the last bit behind the box going back to flat for punch. I love them in junk surf. The SOS 9'4'' is a long quest for the ultimate Yater Spoon type longboard hull, step back on the hip, up to the trim spot and hold on. These all have a certain size range that Brian and I have figured out for customs. ?