Friday, July 28, 2017

Announcing the return of Rephullmen

Hiya guys and girls!
     There is nothing about a surfboard in this post.
I am simply announcing my return to a form of social media- this form, the archaic Blog.
For close to 5 years now, I've been a conscientious objector to all forms of social media...
why? might you ask!
I always saw any social media as a form of conveying real information. When I saw it become just a forum for blowhards with not a lot to say except how bitchen they were, I decided that this just wasn't my style.
     Have I changed my mind and become another blow-hard?
I decided to go back to an original, informational format, to give real information about  Fineline and PhD surfboards. I have no desire to give trendy sound bites- if you haven't the attention span to spend 3 or 4 minutes to read what I have to say, then you needn't bother! It is what it is. I've done a helluva lot of new shit in the last 5 years, am doing it right now, and people who actually give a crap have had no way of knowing about it, unless they were on a very tight Old Boy network- people who know me personally, friends of my friends, or people who took the trouble to email me, and usually (not always!) received an answer.
     So don't expect a blog a day about something trendy, super-cool, and that makes me look cutting edge when I haven't actually done anything except shape yet another custom board- a board literally for one rider- the customer who ordered it.
     I'll be doing my first new Real surfboard post within a week, and whenever I have something useful to say, I'll say it.
     By the way, I'm currently handshaping everything- have been since I left the net.
                                    Thanks for reading this,    BJ