Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jaws Boards

Part 1 Jaws stuff, Brian and I got a request for a few copys of  Estaban Bojorquez's Liddle Jaws board, I had the OG one and Steve was still living here, since he relocated to Santa Fe , New Mexico, and Brian, Matt Miller and myself got together and BJ went to work, SK checked them and after they were glassed Steve painted them his last nite in SoCal. Those were a couple of the first Putnam/ Hilbers boards.


  1. what does the deck of the og jaws look like? painted?..

  2. These are all radical designs, but when are hulls really going to progress into the future? Where are the elevated wings? Where are the channels? For the love of God, where's the progression?

    But seriously, Jaws died when I paid the $45 entry fee to Universal Studios and saw that shitty robotic pile of garbage. "Jaws, big deal!" - My immigrant father