Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cornwall Calling- Hulls from the wrong side of the tracks

The Canaries totally remind me of southern Baja- just as Portugal reminds me of north Baja.

And Cornwall reminds me of here, during the spring.
But that doesn't keep this from being a fine, swoopy carving turn.

My bud Alex lives in Devon, Cornwall; he got bit by the Humm Bug around a year and a half ago.
These guys evade the stormy winter blues with trips to the Canaries- apparently worthwhile, as the photos show. But back at home and back in the wetties, it looks like the Humm is still there. Hey, Alex- what fin did you put in you Geebee after the first one snapped? Geebee in the gloom, MP in the glory.


  1. HUMMMM BUG.............. I like it, gonna have to come with a new Model. Nice turn in the B/W shot.

  2. holy chit! another hull in the canaries? me thinks i know where your friend alex took those shots, is it on fuerteventura?

    andreini on la isla tranquila here!