Thursday, July 16, 2009

Marlin and 101 Fins Rule!

Fins, as a rule, get seriously taken for granted. Hull goons, among others, have always paid attention- shape, flex, placement. In the on-going tune of the P-38, and its morphing side project, the Dirty Sanchez, I've been looking at fins to complete the tune of these sleds. On hearing that some slide was happening on some P-38s, I looked at lack of flex as a possible answer. In a long phone jive with Marlin at 101 Fin Co., he helped me sort out some issues, suggested other solutions, and generally expressed an interest in what was going on with my boards that normally only I and the owner would be expected to have. Combined with a touchy-feely session at last May's Sacred Craft show, my concepts of flex foiling combined with
some great template ideas from Marlin to produce some fins I'm really jazzed about. The above is
a DU fin, modded over the phone, for the Dirty Sanchez. Higher, tighter, way more flex.
These suckers will give the D.S. both more fish pivot
as well as more hull spring and drive.
On the arctailed, true blue P-38, I'd initially foiled my own fins from a birchply/fiberglass laminate. These rocked on my board, and on others. Marlin came up with a mod that virtually
imitates how my birchply fins behave.

It's amazing how much more flex and punch we can put into a fin with a seedy extra quarter inch, but that's what's going down, and it's all on Marlin. Thanks, Dude!

Check out this yellowfin nugget. I'm seeing a personal parabolic in this fin's future. The flex is immaculate.


  1. Great post BJ,
    Marlin's fins are amazing. His SQ quad fin set works so well in my
    6'4 quad fish you shaped me.
    Is that 101 singlefin for a GeeBee?

  2. HEy BJ, this is Anthony. Saw a friend of mine Brad out at the 'Bu a couple weeks back and he was riding a Mini Simmons esque board that he said you shaped. I want one, either that or a P-38 or DS. Got you linked on my blog,
    We'll have to get together soon and talk about the board.
    Talk to you soon.

  3. Anthony, Brad was riding my blue p38. you are welcome to try it anytime. the board is a blast.
    not only a malibu board but crazy Brad put it to the test in some hefty hollows in SD. he said he got the deepest barrel he's ever gotten at Lobster Lounge.
    the few hollows i've had on it have been positive experiences. the lil guy loves toobs.
    as far as the fins; what about less rake? more of a geppy outline?

  4. Sorry for the reply lag. Shape Surf. Be. you know the usual crap.
    DamnMan- might go on a GeeBee, at that- Marlin cooked this up solo (probably more than a little bit of Andrieni peer-group pressure), but it's very close to GB specs in shape and flex- close enough to give it a try on an appropriate PB GB sled.
    Anthony- You saw the OG P-38. Besides the fin vibe, I'm working with an evil North County crowd on a 5'0 with a bit more volume to push. More film at eleven. BJ

  5. How do I get my hands on a read 101 fin