Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Little Bastard

This is my new personal Little Bastard. I made it a bit big, 6'3, to match the size of my beloved MP, so I can make a head-to-head comparison of the two.
Very MP-like, but it carries the Bad Acid bottom through the hull (you can just see the double concave in the pic below). Also, it has a taste of tail kick, coordinated with the front fins. Notice it's a widowmaker setup, 2+1, rather than the in-line 1+2 of the MP and GeeBee. Also, a new dedicated sidebite template, in Volan, made for me by Larry at Fibreglas Fin Co. One of the new PHd flex templates by Marlin at 101 in the middle. This is the hooky guy, the BJ/Foley, that really throws some good punch in the MP.


  1. Very curious to hear whether you like that board more than your beloved MP. I haven't really ridden my other boards since i picked up my MP about one year ago.

  2. What does the term "2 turn board" Mean ?? I really want an MP and want to know what it will be like compared to my brewer 9'0 thruster...I guess it means bottom turn then trim?? Really looking to step down from my 9'0 and want a 7'0 MP.. any feed back