Thursday, March 18, 2010

8'2'' PHD 68/PR

Oldfart railgrab by KP, this is on my own 8'4'' PR brian made me , this has really been fun as of late,my goto board. I was tryin to stay close to the Green for St. Patricks day.

The PR stands for Puerto Rico 1968 World Contest, Wayne Lynch, Nat Young and Ted Spencer had been in Europe filming Evolution and shaped these type of boards for the contest

This one is a 8'2'' just like mine

Easy to ride on your backside with that hip and not to wide on the nose, good in beach breaks also, has a rolled V under your back foot . Good in junk surf also.

The 8'2'' and my 8'4'' more info

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  1. KP & BH waht's the demensions? I'm building a few Evos right now. These look great! Marty