Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Tombstone

The newest addition to the twin fin lineup. While it looks superficially similar to the P-38 and Richard Kenvin's Caspers, it has a lot off different stuff going on, mainly in the rocker. Think skateboard for the water- really pumpable, with a lot of front-to-back weight shift potential. The front end still has a genuine, deep-entry hull, but it's mainly there for wave entry and trim line, rather than to turn off of. Fuller rail volume for a poppy, lively feel.
Notice the fins are a lot farther forward- also a new template, with a one-side foil. Both more hold, and more slide potential, depending on how you weight on 'em. More user control, either way.
This one pictured is 5'0 X 22 3/4". They don't have to be this small, but you get the idea.


  1. very interesting.
    love some feedback.

  2. hey doods.

    Looks familiar. Sort of.
    Only took me one try to figure this one out.
    When i learn how to measure stuff you guys are in trouble. the only thing it's missing is rail handles for parallel stance bottom lacerations.

    love Aaron,

    WTF Mr. Hadley