Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You've heard the word; now here's the deal:

PHd- Putnam/Hilbers Designs, that is,
is up and going at last, and we're ready to spring
some evil hulls onto an unsuspecting world.
The Story: over the years and years of riding hulls, Kirk, myself,
and our hull-riding hardcore cronies,
have ended up having "keepers" in our quivers- boards
that just seemed to do things different, or better, or were just plain fun
in a lot of conditions. Most by now aren't even in ridable condition-
they're more like heirlooms. So KP and I decided to crack a few
out and replicate them before they turned into dust.
Basically, I start by cloning an old board, then KP and I go over it,
amend what we feel to be flaws, glass the sucker, test ride it
to see if it really works the way it's supposed to, then make it
available on a limited basis.
Over the next few weeks either Kirk or myself will be posting models,
with the usual ramble as to pedigree and ride.

1 comment:

  1. Bring it on!!! Looking forward to all your posts!!!