Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Okay, the P-38s are ready to rock

Well, I'm ready to unleash this critter. Since the Shelter dudes threw in their two cents worth, I've tweaked the template a tad. I'll be making both arctails and swallowtails- as you might predict, the arcs are better at driving a hard line, but the swallows definitely respond better to any tail move.
The overall concept has a pile of potential; I'll be very willing to narrow out the whole program, but it charges as is, with a lotta glide without a lotta length. This is a 5'9; I have four 5'6s on order, and the little details that make a board really work well are falling into place. It's going to be a real gas to
play with the concept:
namely, a real hull-turn
front combined with
the firmness of a twin/fish for tail-weighted moves.
So far, it's doing both well; the front end seems to be pretty dialed. With a lot of options on the rear end
depending on rider preference,and open to be explored, some more fun stuff should show up. But it seems plenty fun as is, right now. Hilbean3K


  1. Love it guys!!! Glad to see this finally happened!! This p-38 looks insane!!

  2. let us know how she goes- a video clip would be insane( hint hint)

  3. Rad board... If the Rephull Men come looking for my 6'8" Hilbers Death Blade I will ready to guard it with my life.

  4. i like that logo a lot better.