Wednesday, February 23, 2011


9'1'' Anaflexia Spoon for Nina.




Like our SOS model just thinned down quite a bit more.

Flo's 9'0'' PHD Hot Generation

Just like my own 9'0'' HG just a bit more foam for Flo.

S- Deck rail line, these came out nice .


  1. Those look like they have more rocker than what you normally do, maybe a little closer to what they were doing with these back then. Is that just distortion from the camera?

  2. Hiya;
    Some camera, some not: Nina's stick has a
    definitely stronger, and better wave entry rocker than, say, the SOS. It's a thin board, and needs it.
    Flo's HG is just "stock" HG rocker- it has always had a deep entry nose rocker... Ask Flo- his 8'4 has the same nose trip.
    Both of these sleds are essentially tail-turners with a serious mid-board Buzz in the right part of the wave- this makes it a fine ride in slop, but when the Right place shows up, an exceptional ride- but it's still an emphasis on maximum pleasure on minimal wave quality. The best I can say, is that if wave quality improves, I haven't found a top-end for the boards, also.
    Thanks for asking, BJ

  3. Sweeeet, thanks BJ for scoop on the HG!