Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Coffin

Dennet of Evil Goods and I cooked this up. It was without doubt the most fondled
board at Sacred Craft in Santa Cruz.
Yes, it's a rider, not just a looker.

Meet the Batwing

This brat is a genuine displacement hull, with the rocker patterned after Jaws, but with more
thickness. 6'0 x 24" x 2 7/8"


  1. Holy crap
    Definitely need more info
    And can you get count chocula painted on it?

  2. Dude! Count Chocula, in a compromising position with a porn queen, for the price of feedback...
    So far; a genuine Rider: excellent trim line selection, a bit iffy on the bottom turn, no real resistance to re-direction on the wave face, within hull reason.
    In short, a typical hull, but faster, and more unforgiving on how you re-direct than curvier-templated hulls. Kinda like Jaws, with a Kink. BJ

  3. hahahahahaahaha! what a piece of shit! i gotta have one...beeg, i actually made a wood paipo version a few weeks ago...same kinda problems and pro's. must be the outline, having that corner way up there, it does ride better backwards.