Thursday, April 7, 2011

A New Twin Fin Hull- the MP-MR

Well, fairly new- a couple have been mumbling around dark alleys for
close to year now, but it's out of the bag now, since Sacred Craft.

Basically, as the name implies: the basic vibe of my MP, but combined to a genuine twin-fin
(as opposed to a fish) fin set-up. It's kind of a natural- the non-kick tail rocker of the MP, that many found stiff, is perfect for a twin setup. In fact, it's the same for both my standard MP, and a 1979
MR twin up in my rafters.

The similarity to a Lost Fish, template-wise, is obvious. It's my standard MP nose, same rate of curve as the MP, into a slightly narrower tail.
This one is 6'1; 17" x 20 1/2" x 14 3/4". The narrower tail allowed me to lose some center width ( I had to, actually, to keep the hull-turn pivot forward where it needs to be), compared to the single fin MP. It's a lot faster rail to rail, but I'm sure that the twin set-up is doing that, and not the 3/8" less width.

I'm having the best luck with these fins from 101 Fin Co., but I need to try some genuine full sized
upright twins- all the current ones on the market are too small- smaller than the original MR twins.

The point, of course, is to get some Hull Humm
off the front end. So far, it seems to Close the Deal.


  1. that board is insane, high grade butter

  2. I notice I neglected to give a name to this beast- It's called the MP-MR; The front end is full MP (my style, for around 6 years now), the back end is true 1979 MR twin fin- rocker, template, all Mod Cons. BJ