Tuesday, May 3, 2011

7'8'' Viento

Artist Pat HIll ordered this 7'8'' Veinto PHD


Bottom, nice rolled V in front of the fin box.

After putting this one under my arm I did not want to let it go.

S- Deck med thin rail, Brian did a nice job on this one, also there is a sweet 9'6'' PHD Son of Sam spoon down at Mollusk Venice that I did not want to let go either.


  1. i can feel the blowing spirit of "the innermost limits of pure fun"
    nice brian nice!!!!!!!!!!

  2. really nice!
    but should'nt that be 'viento' (wind in spanish)?

  3. who shaped that board? really nice.

  4. Just sold it's brother out of Mollusk in Venice (I love to shape a "#2" of any board I really like); and since that one sold as well, I have to shape another to calm down an in-shop bar fight. Who shaped it? I did... but after looking deep and hard at some really good things that went on before, and changing what I thought needed changing. It's funny- KP and I put this board out over two years ago. I'm just happy people are seeing it at long last- I know it works. BJ

  5. JDO- Forgive KP's spelling deficiencies- you're 100% correct, and I edited the title. BJ