Monday, May 21, 2012

9'4'' SOS, PHD

Flo's 9'4'' SOS

Brian set this blank up nice with the stringers coming right out at the corners.

Nice, Watermans Guild volan glass job.

Upon the front 3rd on this and it will take off with out you if your not ready.

This one came out nice .


  1. good to see you back in the post brian!
    love that stringer effect on this board and his general outline too
    check out my blog update with "big-ass fin" on my crusader model
    see ya brian
    ciao ciao


  2. Cool board, Brian! I’m wondering how much you paid for it? I kinda like to have my own since I only borrowing my brother Rust T-Dwart. Also have thesis ideas for them in the near future. Thank you!